Denmark Community Windfarm Ltd - A Local Response to a Global Challenge
Denmark Community Windfarm Inc  
Australian Electricity Market Operator (AEMO) See how WA windfarms are performing, and watch the WA electricity market at work. Live feed, 24/7
Alternative Technology Association Promotes home energy-saving and efficiency
Hepburn Wind Australia's first working community-owned windfarm
Mt Barker Power Company A WA community-scaled wind project similar to Denmark's
SkyFarming Perth-based RE consultancy, project managers for the Denmark windfarm
A government-managed scheme that enables households and businesses to displace their electricity usage with certified renewable energy
Enercon This German company makes the world's most technologically advanced wind turbines, chosen for the Denmark project
National Wind Farm Commissioner Promotes best practices and standards for windfarms, including compliance and complaint handling
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate change Lots of detail to keep you up all night
Community Power Agency A report on the challenges and opportunities for community renewable energy projects in Australia (PDF)