Denmark Community Windfarm Ltd - A Local Response to a Global Challenge
Looking Ahead

Every day we use 21st-century appliances and machines in our homes and offices - yet we still rely on 19th-century power generation methods and infrastructure to run them.

In country WA communities are often separated by considerable distances. Supplying them with energy via long wires from a central source is expensive, inefficient, and susceptible to damage and breakdowns over time. Much of the SWIS is 50 years old or more, requiring constant maintenance and replacement, at an ever-increasing cost.

The future lies in Distributed Generation (DG) using Smart Grid technology, based on renewable resources: where carbon-free energy is generated in or close to the communities that consume it, doing away with costly transmission and distribution infrastructure, and employing intelligent, automated distribution and management systems. (For more about these technologies, go to the Links and Community Energy pages.)

Wind power is ideally suited to DG – it consumes nothing, is non-polluting, won't run out, is rapidly becoming cost-competitive with traditional energy sources, and plays a rapidly-expanding role in power generation around the world.